Clean Again

One Sunday a visiting minister was at our church. He taught us about prayer. I even bought a devotion book about prayer from this man.
One suggestion in the book was to confess our sins and ask God to make us clean again. I thought about the things I had done wrong. I was pleased to think that I had already confessed all my sins to God.
But a few days later, God reminded me that I had done something wrong to my friend. I wanted to forget about it, but God kept reminding me that I had sinned. Finally, I confessed that sin to God. Then I asked God to help me apologize to my friend.
God provided an opportunity for me to talk to my friend alone. I felt so much better after I had asked for forgiveness. That’s how David must have felt in our Bible Reading today. In verse 2 he said, “God, scrub away my guilt. Wash away my sins. Make me clean again!”
Think about your life today. Do you need to confess your sins to God? Do you need to apologize to someone you have hurt? God can make you clean again.