Clean Chalkboard

I was teaching a Sunday School class. I asked the students to tell me some sins. I wrote them on the chalkboard — jealousy, anger, laziness, selfishness, etc. Soon the chalkboard was filled. So I took an eraser and wiped the board clean.
God’s forgiveness is like that. Before we become a Christian, we have a long list of sins on our chalkboard. New sins are added to the list every day. But when we become a Christian, God erases our sins. Everything is wiped clean!
God can forgive our sins, no matter how big we think they are. And God can forgive our sins, no matter how many times we commit the same sin. Verse 14 of our Bible Reading today is very encouraging. “We owed a debt because we broke God’s laws. The debt listed all the rules we failed to follow. But God forgave us of that debt. God took away that debt and nailed it to the cross.”
Thank God today for His loving forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ!