Years ago I had an oven that I had to clean by myself. I sprayed the inside of the oven with chemicals. Several hours later I scrubbed until the grease was gone. Sometimes I had to scrub the stains for a long time. The fumes from the chemicals made my eyes and nose burn. My back ached from kneeling on the floor while I scrubbed the oven.
Now I have a self-cleaning oven. I close the door and turn on the clean cycle. I know that in three hours I will open the oven and it will be clean. The oven does the work for me.
I used to worry about my salvation. I kept thinking that I had not done enough good things to earn forgiveness. I had been taught that I had to work hard to have my sins forgiven. Then I learned that I am saved by God’s grace. All the good things I do cannot save me.
When I turn on the clean cycle of my oven, I know that in a few hours I will have a clean oven. When I accept Jesus as my Savior and obey Him, I know God will make me clean from my sin. Praise God for His wonderful love and grace.