Cleaning Day (1)

Recently we had a cleaning day at Deaf Missions. We sorted through old equipment, files and props and decided what to keep and what to throw away. As we went through this cleaning day, I noticed two things that I can apply to my life.
The first thing I noticed was that we had a lot of stuff that we needed to get rid of. All of this stuff was no longer used and it was taking up a lot of room. After we removed these things, we had more space to store new equipment and supplies.
Often we have things in our lives that need to be thrown out. These things may be pride or greed or bad feelings we have about other people. Once we throw out these bad things, we can fill our minds and hearts with more of God’s Word.
Verse 21a of our Bible Reading today says, “So get rid of everything evil in your lives — every kind of wrong you do.” Maybe you can have a cleaning day for your spiritual life. Get rid of the sin in your life and promise to live each day for God.