Close to God

Psalm 15 is a powerful psalm. The chapter begins this way: “Lord, who can live in your Holy Tent? Who can live on your holy mountain? Only a person who lives a pure life, and does good things, and speaks truth from the heart can live on your mountain” (verses 1-2).
The Holy Tent that the writer talks about is probably the temple in Jerusalem. And the holy mountain is Mount Zion where the temple was built. The writer is asking, “Who can be close to God?”
The psalm writer goes on to list things we should do if we want to be close to God. Here are a few things in that list: say and do good things, show honor to people who serve God, and keep our promises.
So I wonder if you are doing those good things. Or do you have things in your life that are keeping you from serving God? I encourage you to read this psalm several times. Search your heart and start focusing on God and His Word. Then you will be close to Him.