Close to God

Sometimes we see people on TV who are rich and famous. We may think that we want to be rich and famous like these people. We become jealous of the way these people live.
The writer of Psalm 73 says that he “almost fell into sin” (verse 2b). Why? Because he was jealous of people who were successful. The writer says that these people were healthy and didn’t have “to struggle to survive” (verse 4). They wore jewels and fancy clothes (verse 6). But these people also were proud and hateful (verse 6) and made fun of other people (verse 8).
But then the writer finally understood that God will punish these proud people. He decided that he needed to focus on God. The writer closed this psalm by saying, “As for me, all I need is to be close to God” (verse 28a).
What do you want today — possessions or money or fame? Remember to focus on God. He is all you need.