Ezekiel, chapter 44, tells us about the Jewish priests who served God in the temple. Verse 19a of that chapter says, “Before they go out into the outer courtyard to the people, they will take off the clothes they wear while serving me. They will put these clothes away in the holy rooms.” The priests had to take off these special clothes. They could not wear them all the time.
Our Bible Reading today says that when we are baptized into Jesus, we are clothed with Him. This means that when we become a Christian, we “put on” Jesus. But we should keep wearing Jesus. We should not wear Him sometimes and then take Him off. We belong to Jesus all the time, and we should never stop following Him.
If we are “clothed with Christ,” we should become like Him. We should be loving, kind, humble and forgiving. We should also serve other people.
If you have “put on” Jesus, don’t take Him off. Keep showing the world that you follow Him.