Clouds (1)

Sometimes when I drive to work in the summertime, I notice dark clouds up ahead. Usually these clouds tell me that I am heading into a rain storm.
I continue to drive until the storm clouds are above me. It starts to rain and the wind begins to blow. But it is interesting that the clouds don’t seem so dark and scary any more.
Those clouds are like some situations in my life. I think about something difficult or scary that I need to do. I worry and wonder how I will be able to cope with that situation. But when I finally face that situation, most of the bad things that I worried about don’t even happen.
In our Bible Reading for today, Jesus tells us that we should not worry. Why? Because we can depend on God to provide for our needs. Verse 32b says, “Don’t worry, because your Father in heaven knows that you need these things.”
Are you worried about something today? Don’t worry! Give your problems to God. He will take care of you.