Clouds (4)

In the summertime, I often see clouds that look like they are filled with cotton balls. Sometimes we call these clouds “marshmallow clouds.”
Marshmallow clouds are beautiful, but tornadoes can form from these kinds of clouds. Something that is nice to look at may quickly change into something that is frightening and destructive.
The devil’s plans are like marshmallow clouds. He can show us something that looks fun and exciting to do. But really it is a bad thing to do. The devil is tricky. Verse 8 of our Bible Reading tells us that we should be careful. Why? Because the devil is our enemy. Verse 8 continues, “And he goes around like a roaring lion looking for some person to eat.”
The devil wants us to sin. Sometimes he tempts us by making bad things look good. So be very careful today. Obey God’s words from the Bible and keep away from sin.