Clouds (5)

In our Bible Reading today, John begins to share Jesus’ message with seven churches in Asia.
In verse 7, John is talking about the time when Jesus will come back to take His followers to live with Him forever. “Look, Jesus is coming with the clouds! Every person will see him, even the people who pierced him. All people of the earth will cry loudly because of him. Yes, this will happen! Amen.”
When Jesus comes back, He will come in the clouds. That will be wonderful!! And all people (people who have followed Jesus and people who have chosen to reject Jesus) will know that He is God’s Son.
Sometimes when I look up at the clouds, I see the sun shining through an opening in the clouds. I try to imagine what it will be like when Jesus comes again. I don’t know exactly how it will happen, but I do know that Jesus is coming someday.
I hope that you are ready to live forever with Jesus. Obey Him and serve Him every day.