Clouds are very interesting. Sometimes they show us that a storm is approaching. Other times it is just fun to look up and watch the clouds. Some clouds may look like an elephant or a crocodile. Others can look like the face of a person or a flower.

We all have seen many different kinds of clouds. But I think none of these clouds can compare with the cloud that led the Israelites as they left Egypt and journeyed to the new land. Exodus 13:21-22 tells us about this cloud. “The Lord led the way. During the day, he used a tall cloud to lead the people. And during the night, he used a tall column of fire to lead the way. This fire gave them light so that they could also travel at night. This cloud was always with them during the day, and the column of fire was always with them at night.”

I imagine this cloud was very large and very special. It was easy for the Israelites to see the cloud and follow it. Sometimes I wish that God would use a special cloud to help me know which way I should go in life. But He doesn’t do that! Instead, I have God’s Word, the Bible, to be my guide through life.

Read and study the Bible today. Pay attention to God’s message for you. God’s Word will help you stay on the right path in life.