Cody (1)

My family and I have a German Shepherd dog named Cody. Cody is a retired police dog.
When Cody was in service, he was a very brave dog. He helped the police find criminals and protected the policemen. Since we have had Cody, I have noticed that he has one fear — thunderstorms. We do not know why Cody fears storms. Maybe they remind him of something bad that happened to him while he was a police dog.
Cody is like you and me. We all have things that we fear. Maybe we are afraid of losing our job, speaking to strangers or climbing a ladder. Our Bible Reading today talks about a time when David was afraid. Probably it was a time when he had been captured by his enemies. But David trusted God to help and protect him.
Do you have any fears today? Be like David. Tell God your fears. Then trust Him to help you overcome your fears.