Cody (2)

Cody is an obedient dog. When he was working with the police, he had to obey their orders without hesitation. Now that Cody is living with my family, he is under the control of my husband. When my husband tells Cody to do something, he obeys.
Jesus talked about obedience in our Bible Reading for today. In verse 24, He said, “Every person that hears these things I say and obeys is like a wise man.” Then in verse 26a, Jesus talked about disobedience. “But the person that hears the things I teach and does not obey those things is like a foolish man.” We can read Jesus’ commands in the Bible. If we obey them, we are wise. But if we choose to ignore them, we are foolish.
Every day we can choose to obey or disobey. In James 1:25b, we read, “… you must obey what God’s teaching says. When you do this, it will make you truly happy.”
Do you want to be wise and happy today? Then choose to obey God.