Cody (3)

Cody has several medals and trophies that he earned while he was a police dog. These things show that Cody was brave or that he won a contest. But Cody doesn’t care about these medals. Someday they will rust or fall apart, and we will throw them away.
I want to have that kind of attitude. I don’t want to always try to get more awards, possessions or money in life. Instead, I want to obey what Jesus said in our Bible Reading today. In verses 19a and 20a, Jesus said, “Don’t save treasures for yourselves here on earth. So save your treasures in heaven.”
If I am living here on earth, how can I save treasures in heaven? I can save treasures in heaven by doing good things here on earth. I can tell people about Jesus. I can share my food and possessions with poor people. There are many things I can do so I can save treasures in heaven.
I hope you will start saving up your treasures in heaven today!