Colossians (1)

Today we will begin a series of devotions based on verses from the book of Colossians.
About 50 years ago, there was a science fiction movie called “The Fly.” In this movie a man made a machine that could move him from place to place. One time when he used the machine, a fly went into the machine, too. Soon the man had the head and arm of a fly. Finally the fly’s brain took over the man’s body, and he began acting like a fly.
This movie is just a made-up story. But it shows that our minds control our bodies. When our minds are not focused on the right things, we do not please God. Our Bible Reading today reminds us that Jesus is the ruler over all things on earth and that “in all things Jesus is most important” (verse 18b).
If Jesus is most important in our lives, we need to be sure that we keep our minds focused on Him. Then we will be like Jesus and think like Jesus. Don’t focus on things in the world. Keep your mind on Jesus!