Colossians (11)

Maybe we plan to lose weight or write a book. We might watch a video about losing weight or read about how to write a book. But we won’t lose weight until we start dieting and exercising. And we won’t write a book until we start typing on our computer.
Verse 2 of our Bible Reading says, “Think only about the things in heaven, not the things on earth.” That is good advice. But reading that verse in the Bible is not enough. We must obey it!
If we want to obey that verse, we must put good thoughts into our minds. We can do that by reading the Bible, paying attention to our preachers and teachers, and watching television shows that have Christian values.
We may also need to give up some of our friends or our bad habits. Sometimes our friends or the things we do keep us from thinking good thoughts. Then we need to get rid of these things and focus on God and His Word.
Think about heavenly things today!