Colossians (12)

In our Bible verses today, Paul talked about our old sinful lives. He said that doing evil things makes God angry.
Paul said in verse 9, “Don’t lie to each other. Why? Because you have left your old sinful life and the things you did before.” Sometimes we lie to each other. Someone asks us how we are doing, and we say, “Oh, I am fine.” But really we have a lot of problems in our lives. We should not lie to each other. We should share our burdens with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Then we can pray together and help each other.
Sharing with other Christians should be an important part of our new life in Jesus. When we accept Jesus and obey Him, we have a new life. “This new life brings you the true knowledge of God” (verse 10b). We need to stop doing evil things and be sure to obey God.
I hope you will choose to love and serve God today. Walk with God in faith, and He will bless you and help you in your new life.