Colossians (13)

Verse 5 of our Bible Reading begins with the word “so.” Some Bible translations use the word “therefore.” In verses 1-4, Paul talked about new life in Jesus. In verse 5 Paul lists some evil things that we should not do. Paul is saying, “You have a new life in Jesus. So, stop doing bad things.”
Paul continues in verse 5 to list some of these bad things. Every day we can see people around us or people on TV doing these bad things. Paul explains that when we do these bad things, it is like we are serving false gods.
Probably you are thinking, “I would never serve other gods. I serve only the one true God.” But Paul says that if you do any of those bad things, you are not serving God.
Think about your life today. Are you trying to be like your non-Christian friends or people you see on TV? Are you doing bad things and not serving God?
Ask God to help you serve only Him today.