Colossians (14)

Have you ever tried to put a jigsaw puzzle together? When I put a puzzle together, I usually put the outside pieces together first. These pieces make a frame. Then I try to put the inside pieces together. But sometimes the inside pieces are harder to fit together than the frame pieces.
God’s Word, the Bible, tells us everything we need to know so we can follow and obey God. When we first become a Christian, it is usually easy to follow God’s plan. But as we grow in Jesus, it may become more difficult to follow Him.
A puzzle has many pieces that fit together. In the same way, the Bible tells us many things that will help us follow Jesus. Our Bible Reading today tells us some things that we should stop doing if we want to follow Jesus: “sexual sinning, doing evil, letting evil thoughts control you, wanting things that are evil, and selfishly wanting more and more” (verse 5b).
Read the Bible and let God’s Word help you follow Jesus.