Colossians (3)

If a large company is failing, its board of directors will sometimes hire a person to help the company. This person comes in and helps settle problems between the workers. And this person makes sure that the company is strong.
When we become Christians, we stop ruling ourselves and allow Jesus to rule over us. Our Bible Reading today talks about Jesus being a ruler. “Jesus is the ruler over all the things that have been made. Through his power all things were made — things in heaven and on earth, things seen and not seen, all spiritual powers, authorities, lords, and rulers” (verses 15b-16a).
Not only is Jesus the ruler over all these things, He is also the ruler over me. Jesus has a plan for my life. When I submit to His plan, then everything in my life is under His control — my marriage, my children, my job and my spiritual life.
Jesus wants to be the ruler of your life. Allow Him to rule and work in your life today.