Colossians (4)

Sometimes the American government will release top secret papers. Then we can read about some important event or investigation that happened in the past.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about a secret. He said that this “secret truth was hidden from the beginning of time” and that “now that secret truth is made known to God’s holy people” (verse 26). What is this secret truth? This secret truth is Jesus!
The Jews waited many years for Jesus to come to earth and live among people. At first, Jesus taught and worked with Jewish people. But later, God made His plan of salvation available for all people — Jews and non-Jews.
If you are a Christian, you have this secret (Jesus) living in you. Now it is your job to share this wonderful secret with other people. Verse 28a says, “So we continue to tell people about Christ.”
Who will you tell about Jesus today?