Colossians (5)

Maybe you lose weight through a special diet. Then you tell all your friends about the diet. Or maybe you use a new laundry soap and it removes bad stains from your clothes. So you tell everyone about the great laundry soap you used.
When we are excited about something, we talk about it. Paul was excited that he was a new person in Jesus. So he told people about how Jesus changed his life.
Paul worked very hard to spread the Good News about Jesus. Sometimes people did not want to hear, and they beat Paul or put him in jail. But Paul said, “I work and struggle using the great strength that Christ gives me. That strength is working in my life” (verse 29b).
Maybe you are a Christian, but you are not excited about Jesus anymore. What happened? Maybe you are too busy doing things for the world instead of doing things for God.
Decide right now to build your life on Jesus. Make Him most important in your life. Then you will be excited, too!