Colossians (6)

I read many things online that are written by Christians. Some of the things I read are very good. Those things help me learn more about Jesus. But some things I read do not agree with the Bible.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul encouraged the Christians in Colossae to follow the truth about Jesus. Some people were teaching false things to these Christians. In verse 4 Paul said, “I tell you these things so that no person can fool you by telling you ideas that seem good, but are false.”
Paul loved the Colossian Christians, and he wanted them to be strong and follow Jesus. He did not want them to be distracted by false teachings. Paul told them to focus on Jesus. Why? Because in “Christ all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are safely kept” (verse 3).
I encourage you to be careful with the things you read online or in books. Make sure that those things agree with the Bible. If those teachings do not agree with the Bible, ignore them. Don’t be deceived!