Colossians (7)

In the James Bond books and movies, a man named “Q” gives James all kinds of tools to help him fight the enemy — cars that throw bombs, pens that explode and bulletproof clothing.
As Christians, we have an enemy, too. Our enemy is the devil. He works very hard to try and stop us from following Jesus. In our Bible Reading, Paul said that Christians should not follow the “worthless ideas of people in the world” (verse 8b). The devil uses these worthless ideas to distract Christians.
James Bond had many things to help him fight his enemy. What do we have to help us fight the devil? Verse 10 gives us the answer. “And in Christ you are full. You need nothing else. Christ is ruler over all rulers and powers.”
Jesus lives in us and shows us how to be close to Him. When we have problems, Jesus helps us. He gives us patience and makes us strong.
Do you want to fight the devil? Depend on Jesus. He is all you need!