Colossians (8)

People like to do things that make them feel good. Maybe they follow family traditions. These help them feel like they are part of their family. Or they follow certain religious rituals so they can feel closer to God.
In our verses for today, Paul told the Colossian Christians to follow God’s rules, not people’s rules. Some people were telling the Christians they should worship angels. But God never commanded people to worship angels. “Those people are full of foolish pride because they think only the thoughts of people, not the thoughts of God” (verse 18b).
It may be okay for us to follow family traditions or eat certain foods, but we should not judge other people by these things. Paul said in verse 20a, “You died with Christ and were made free from the worthless rules of the world.” As Christians, we do not need to follow man-made religious rules.
You can please God today by obeying the rules in His Word.