Come Close to God

A mother robin flew around a house looking for a place to build her nest. Finally she chose to build her nest in a flower box on the porch railing. A few days later, the nest had three eggs in it. The mother robin sat on the nest to keep the eggs warm.

Then one day an egg was lying outside the nest. Maybe it fell out of the nest or there was something wrong with it so the mother pushed it out of the nest. The people who lived in the house decided to put the egg back in the nest. The mother robin accepted the egg and drew it close to her body so she could keep it warm.

The mother robin reminds me of our kind and loving God. Sometimes we turn away from God and live a life of sin. We are separated from God. But we do not like being separated from God, so we know we must tell God we are sorry. James 4:8 tells us what happens when we repent and come close to God. “Come near to God and he will come near to you. You are sinners, so clean sin out of your lives. You are trying to follow God and the world at the same time. Make your thinking pure.”

Are you struggling with sin and feeling separated from God? Tell God your sins and come close to Him today. Then He will come close to you!