Come Near to God

In our Bible Reading today, James gives us some good advice about being a Christian.
Most of us like living in the world. But it is hard to live in the world and still serve God. Verse 4b says, ?You should know that loving the world is the same as hating God. So, if a person wants to be a part of the world, then he makes himself God?s enemy.? I don?t want to be God?s enemy! I want to love and serve Him.
James tells us in verses 7 through 8b how we can love and serve God. ?So give yourselves to God. Be against the devil, and the devil will run away from you. Come near to God and God will come near to you.?
But how do we come near to God? James tells us what to do in verses 8b though 10. We should get rid of sin in our lives, think pure thoughts and be humble. Then it will be easy for us to be near to God.
I hope that you want to love and serve God today. Think about this advice from James. Then come near to God.