I had a large animal cage. There was a divider in the middle of the cage. On one side was a little rabbit. On the other side of the cage was a pigeon.
Sometimes the little rabbit would become frightened or lonely. Then he would find a way to crawl under the divider and sit close to the pigeon. We even tried putting a brick up against the divider. But the rabbit always managed to crawl around it.
The pigeon didn?t seem to care if the rabbit was there. And I think that the rabbit found comfort when he was sitting close to the pigeon.
In our Bible Reading today, God told the Israelites, ?Don?t be afraid! I saved you. I named you. You are mine? (verse 1b). I think those words must have been comforting to the Israelites.
Sometimes we become scared or lonely. But we can find comfort in knowing that God loves us and protects us. He is always ready to help us when we face problems.