Yesterday we learned that Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave. Then they told their father that Joseph had been killed. When Jacob learned about Joseph, he was very sad.

Genesis 37:34-35 describes how Jacob felt. “Jacob was so sorry about his son that he tore his clothes. Then Jacob put on special clothes to show that he was sad. He continued to be sad about his son for a long time. All of Jacob’s sons and daughters tried to comfort him, but Jacob was never comforted. He said, ‘I will be sad about my son until the day I die.’ So Jacob continued to mourn his son Joseph.”

The Bible tells us about other people who were very sad. David was sad when he sinned against God. And Peter was sad when he denied Jesus three times. God comforted and helped these people. And God helped Jacob, too. Later Jacob learned that Joseph was really alive.

Maybe you are sad today. Maybe you are facing the death of a family member, a terrible sickness, financial problems or a divorce. No matter what has happened to you, God will give you comfort and help.

If you are sad today, remember that you can always trust God to comfort and take care of you.