Every person likes to receive comfort. A mother picks up her baby to comfort him when he cries. She might hold the child in her arms and gently rock him. God does the same thing that a mother does. No matter how old we are, God will give us comfort when we are sad or troubled.
My father died when I was about 40 years old. My mother died a few years later. Even though I was a grown man, I remember how sad I felt. I realized that I was an orphan (without parents). God comforted me by reminding me that my parents were Christians.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talks about how God comforted him. Many times people persecuted (did bad things to) Paul because he preached about Jesus. God was always there to comfort Paul.
Maybe today you are sad because someone that you loved has died. Or maybe you are facing an illness or a financial problem. God knows about your pain. He will hold you close to Him and comfort you.