Coming Soon

Recently I saw a TV show about the end of the world. This TV show made me think about the time Jesus will come to take His followers to live with Him forever.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about when the Son of Man (Jesus) will judge all people. Verse 33 says,
“The Son of Man will put the sheep (good people) on his right and the goats (bad people) on the left.” Then Jesus will give rewards to the good people and punishment to the bad people. Verse 46 tells us more about Jesus’ judgment. “Then those bad people will go away. They will have punishment forever. But the good people will go and have life forever.”
I want to be one of the good people. And I want my friends and family to live forever with Jesus, too. But first I need to share the Good News about Jesus with them. I need to tell my friends and family that Jesus died to save them from eternal punishment.
I hope you will tell someone about Jesus today. Don’t forget that He is coming soon!