Commandments (1)

The Ten Commandments are laws that God gave to the Israelites. We can read these rules in Exodus, chapter 20, and again in Deuteronomy, chapter 5. The Ten Commandments were written on pieces of stone by God Himself. God told the Israelites to save the Ten Commandments and keep them in the Box of Agreement to help remind them that He was always with them.

Some people call the Ten Commandments “God’s rules of common sense.” The first four commandments talk about our relationship with God. The next six commandments talk about our relationships with other people.

Exodus 19:10-11 tells us that God told Moses to prepare the people to receive these special laws. “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Today and tomorrow you must prepare the people for a special meeting. They must wash their clothes and be ready for me on the third day. On the third day, the Lord will come down to Mount Sinai. And all the people will see me.’”

We will look at the Ten Commandments over the next few days. As we study these laws together, pray that God will show you how you can have a good relationship with Him and with other people.