Commandments (8)

Today we will learn about the eighth and ninth commandments. We can read these commandments in Exodus 20:15-16. “You must not steal anything. You must not tell lies about other people.”

These two commandments seem very simple. Many people, however, think that these laws mean “do not steal anything that is valuable” and “do not tell big lies.” Let’s look closely at these commandments and see what they mean.

God did not say that it is okay to steal a piece of gum from the grocery store. God did not say that it is okay to steal paper and pencils from the office where you work. Many people think that stealing these things is okay because they are not valuable. God made it clear — stealing is a sin. Stealing a penny is just as bad as stealing $1,000,000!

Some people believe that lies can be divided into two groups — little lies and big lies. All lies are the same to God. If you lie about why you arrived at work late, it is the same as lying to the government on your income tax return. A lie is a sin, no matter how big or little you think it is.

God loves you and wants you to obey His laws. Ask Him to help you get rid of sin in your life.