Zechariah was an old man. An angel told him that his wife would have a baby boy. Zechariah did not believe the angel. The angel said Zechariah would lose his speech because he did not believe. Zechariah was not able to speak, so he used signs to communicate with other people.
Later, Zechariah?s wife had a baby boy. The neighbors and relatives wanted to name the baby Zechariah. But Zechariah?s wife said her baby boy would be named John. The people wondered why.
The people decided to ask Zechariah why. Instead of speaking, the people used signs to ask Zechariah what the baby?s name should be. Zechariah answered by writing, ?His name is John.?
There were different ways to communicate in our Bible Reading today. The angel voiced. Zechariah used signs and writing.
God has given us different ways to communicate, too. Be willing to communicate in different ways so you can tell others about Jesus.