Our Bible verses today tell us that Jesus was leaving Jericho to go to Jerusalem. He met two blind men. They shouted to Jesus (verse 30b), “Lord, Son of David, please help us!”
The crowd of people who were traveling with Jesus were excited to be with Jesus. Soon they would treat Jesus as a king. They didn’t want these blind men to bother Jesus. So the “people there criticized the blind men and told them to be quiet” (verse 31).
The people were upset. But was Jesus upset or angry? No! “Jesus felt sorry for the blind men” (verse 34a). The Greek word that is used here means that Jesus had a deep compassion for these men. Jesus touched the men’s eyes and healed them.
This Bible story shows us that when we are sad or hurting, God is not angry or annoyed with us. He loves us and shows us His compassion.