In our verses today, the writer of Psalm 79 is talking about something that happened to the Israelites (Numbers 11:31-33).
The Israelites complained to God that they did not have meat to eat. So God sent many quail (birds) to their camp. But God was upset with the Israelites because they were stubborn and did not trust Him. So God caused some of the people to become sick and die.
Some people might read this Bible story and think that God is cruel and mean. But verse 34 tells us why God punished the Israelites this way. “When he killed some of them, the others would turn back to him. They would come running back to God.” God’s punishment helped some Israelites understand that they needed to come back to Him.
Are you stubborn like the Israelites? Do you complain to God all the time? Stop complaining! Turn to God and praise Him for all He has done for you.