The Israelites saw the ten plagues that God brought upon the Egyptians. Finally, the Israelites were allowed to leave Egypt. The Israelites also saw God open the water of the Red Sea so they could walk across on dry land.

But as the Israelites traveled in the desert, they had a problem. They did not have enough to eat. So they started complaining. They thought about the food that they had to eat in Egypt. They said it would have been better if God had just killed them in Egypt instead of leading them into the desert to die.

God heard the complaints of the Israelites. He told Moses that He would make food fall from the sky to feed the people. Exodus 16:6 tells us what Moses and Aaron said to the Israelites. “So Moses and Aaron said to the Israelites, ‘Tonight you will see the power of the Lord. You will know that he is the one who brought you out of Egypt.’”

Maybe you have grumbled and complained about something that happened at church. Or maybe you have complained about your Christian friends. God does not want you to grumble and complain. Instead, He wants you to be thankful and encouraging. Ask God to help you stop complaining and to show comfort and kindness to others today.