My friend, Sam, enjoyed working in his garden. He liked working with the soil and gathering the fruits and vegetables. One day Sam complained because his garden was dry. Then it rained. Was Sam happy? No, he wasn?t happy. Sam complained because the ground was too wet to plant beans.
Sam was like God?s people, the Israelites. God brought them out of slavery in Egypt. But soon the Israelites complained that they didn?t have water. God gave them water, and then they complained that they didn?t have bread. But often the Israelites were not satisfied with what God gave them.
The Israelites and Sam were not thankful. They both wanted more than they had. Maybe you are like Sam. Do you complain about what God has given to you? Or are you thankful?
Think about your life today. Remember the ways God has blessed you. Then thank Him for these blessings.