Confess Sins

After Nehemiah began his prayer by praising God, he spent time confessing sins. In our Bible Reading, Nehemiah said, “I confess the sins we people of Israel have done against you. I am confessing that I have sinned against you and that the other people in my father’s family have sinned against you. We people of Israel have been very bad to you. We have not obeyed the commands, teachings, and laws you gave your servant Moses.”
Nehemiah confessed not only his own sins, but also the sins of the Israelites. Nehemiah admitted that they had not obeyed God’s commands and laws. Nehemiah was very honest and humble!
When you pray, do you confess your sins? I encourage you to be like Nehemiah. Be honest and confess your sins to God. God knows everything you have done. Admit your sins. Ask God to forgive you and help you become righteous.
It is important to become righteous. Confess your sins to God. He will forgive your sins and make you clean from all the wrong things you have done.