Continue in Jesus

Several times in our Bible Reading today, Jesus said, ?Continue in me.? What did Jesus mean? I think Jesus meant that we should live in Him everyday ? just like we live in our homes.
Maybe you travel and stay in a motel for a short time. The motel is not your home. Home is the place where your family lives and where you keep your things. It is the same with Jesus. He does not want me to live in Him for today and then tomorrow go someplace else. Jesus wants me to continue in Him everyday.
But how do we continue in Jesus? We can do this by reading the Bible, praying, having fellowship with other Christians and going to church. When we continue in Jesus, we will be able to do what God wants us to do.
Think about these things today. Take time to pray and read the Bible. Fellowship with other Christians. Do these things, and you will continue in Jesus.