Continue to Forgive

In our Bible Reading today, Peter wanted to know about forgiveness. Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone. Jesus answered, “You must continue to forgive” (verse 22b). Then Jesus told a story about a man. This man experienced forgiveness but refused to forgive another person.
Sometimes it is easy for us to forgive someone when they say they are sorry. And, it is easy to forgive someone when they only hurt us one time. But it is hard to forgive people who hurt us many times. Think about this: Does God only forgive us sometimes? No, God continues to forgive us again and again. Jesus said that we should forgive other people in the same way.
Sometimes people will hurt us. Maybe they won’t even know that they hurt us. Other times people will hurt us, and they don’t care if they hurt us. It will not be easy to forgive these people again and again. But we must depend on the Holy Spirit to help us be forgiving.
Ask God today to help you forgive like He forgives you.