Conversions in Acts (1)

In the next few devotions, we will read stories from the book of Acts that tell how God changed people’s lives. These people were converted, and they became followers of Jesus.
Some people call the book of Acts, “The Acts of the Apostles.” This book records acts, or things, the apostles did. These men reached out to people with the Gospel of Jesus. Thousands of people responded to this message.
The book of Acts also tells the story of how the church began. Our Bible Reading tells us that the church began on the Day of Pentecost. On that day, God sent His Holy Spirit to live in His people. The Holy Spirit shows people that they need to leave their life of sin and follow Jesus. That’s what we call a conversion, or a conversion experience.
Acts is an amazing book. It has 28 chapters filled with powerful stories. Some people say that the church today is the “29th Chapter of Acts.”
Let’s try to be like the apostles. Share God’s Word with others. Reach out with the Good News about Jesus. Allow God’s Word to show people that they need to be converted and follow Jesus.