Conversions in Acts (3)

Our Bible verses today clearly tell us that many people were converted and followed Jesus.
These verses also show us what the early church did. They listened to the apostles’ teaching, ate and prayed together. The apostles did miracles — things that could only be done with God’s power! Everyone had great respect for God. Christians shared everything they had. Some even sold their land and the things they owned so they could share their money with people who needed it.
But that is not all these Christians did! They also spent time together in the temple area. They were “happy to share their food and ate with joyful hearts. The believers praised God, and all the people liked them” (verses 46b-47a).
What else happened? Verse 47 tells us that more and more people were being saved every day. Did you understand that? More and more people came to know Jesus EVERY DAY! Wow! That’s awesome!
God is still doing wonderful things today. Share with others what Jesus is doing in your life. Allow God to use YOU to bring others to Him.