Conversions in Acts (6)

Our Bible Reading continues God’s wonderful story of conversions and growth in the early church. Verse 1 tells us that more and more people became followers of Jesus.
Then, in the middle of our Bible Reading, there is a neat story about the apostles choosing seven men to meet the needs of the widows (women whose husbands had died). The leaders of the early church were wise to take care of these women.
Our verses end with even more conversions! Verse 7 says, “The word of God was reaching more and more people. The group of followers in Jerusalem became larger and larger. Even a big group of Jewish priests believed and obeyed.” How did these people become Jesus’ followers? The Word of God (the Bible) convicted and converted them. They responded by believing and obeying Him.
If you are not a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to believe in Him. Obey Him by repenting of your sins, being baptized in Him and faithfully living for Jesus.