Conversions in Acts (7)

Today’s Bible Reading tells us another amazing conversion story. Philip went to the city of Samaria to tell people about Jesus. The people listened carefully to Philip. He also performed miracles — things that could only be done with God’s power.
While Philip was in Samaria, he met a man named Simon. Simon was a magician. His magic amazed the people. They said that Simon had the power of God. Many people watched Simon and followed him.
What did Philip do? He was bold, and he told the people “the Good News about God’s kingdom and the power of Jesus Christ” (verse 12b). How did people respond to Philip’s message about the one true God? They believed and were baptized. But wait…the story doesn’t end here. Do you know who else believed and was baptized? Simon! Yes, the same man who was a magician.
Isn’t the book of Acts exciting? God is still exciting today. He is still changing people’s hearts and lives. Be like Philip. Share’s God’s Word boldly. Challenge those around you to believe and be baptized.