Conversions in Acts (8)

An angel told Philip to go to the road that led to Jerusalem. There Philip met a eunuch from Ethiopia. The eunuch was a man who served the queen of Ethiopia.
The eunuch was reading the book of Isaiah. He asked Philip to help him understand what he was reading. Philip taught him and told him the Good News about Jesus.
While they were traveling, the eunuch noticed some water. In verse 36 the eunuch asked, “What is stopping me from being baptized?” Immediately they stopped and got out of the chariot. Philip baptized the eunuch in the water. The eunuch didn’t wait until they arrived in the next town. He didn’t wait until the next day. He was baptized immediately. And verse 39 tells us that he was very happy.
How about you? Have you been baptized? If not, find some water. Find a Christian, too, who will baptize you. Then you will be happy — just like the eunuch from Ethiopia!