Our Bible Reading tells us about Cornelius. He was a very special man. Why? Because he was probably the first Gentile (non-Jew) to become a Christian.
For many years, the Jews knew that God would send the Messiah (chosen one) to save them. God finally sent the Messiah – Jesus. Many Jews understood that Jesus was God’s Son. These Jews became Christians. They became part of God’s church. But these Jews thought that Jesus had come to earth to save only Jewish people.
Then God sent Peter to preach to Cornelius and his family. God showed the Jewish Christians that Jesus came to save ALL people.
God does not care where people are from. He does not care if they are deaf or hearing. God does not care what language people speak. All people need Jesus as their Savior. God expects us to share the Good News about Jesus with everyone – even people who look different from us.
Look for opportunities today to tell someone about Jesus.