Cottonwood Tree

My neighbors had a tall cottonwood tree in their yard. Its branches reached very high, but it had no leaves. When the wind blew, branches would break off and fall to the ground. Why was the tree like that? Because lightning struck the tree. The center of the tree became dead and hollow. The branches and leaves could not receive the food and water that they needed.
Sometimes people are like that tree. They receive spiritual food from reading the Bible and from other Christians. They grow in Jesus. But then problems in life happen. These problems are like lightning striking the tree. After the problems happen, these people stop reading their Bibles and being with other Christians. They become spiritually weak.
God has promised to be with us and help us through any difficulty we might face. God will also give us peace. This peace is so great that we cannot understand it. Philippians 4:7b says, “That peace which God gives is so great that we cannot understand it.”
Depend on God today. He will take care of you.