Country Living (1)

My family and I live in the country, about three miles from a small town. Today and for the next few days, I will share with you some reasons why I love living in the country. And, each day we will look at some verses from the book of Psalms.
I love living in the country because I can see God’s creation up close. We have four horses, one dog, one cat and two birds. But we also have many other animals living close to us. Often we see deer, pheasants, rabbits, ground squirrels, snakes and even a few skunks. We rarely see coyotes, but often at night we can hear them howling across the road.
When I see and hear these animals, I think about how awesome God is. He made each animal to be a special part of His creation. And each animal fits into God’s perfect plan of balance on the earth.
In our Bible Reading today, the things that God created praised Him. We should praise Him, too. Look at things today that God created. Then praise and honor His name.