Country Living (2)

The place where I live is very quiet. There are not many noises, and very few cars drive on our road. Our closest neighbor is about a half mile away. Often we can hear only the sounds of nature – the crickets chirping in the summer or the wind howling in the winter.
I love living in a quiet place. There is no traffic to remind me of all the busy people in the world. There are no police sirens to remind me of all the bad things that happen in the world. Instead, the quiet helps me focus on God. It is easy to pray when no sounds or things can distract me.
In our Bible Reading today, David talked about prayer. He said that God listened to his prayers and protected him. David felt safe when God took care of him. I feel safe where I live. Why? Because I know God is paying attention to my prayers.
Maybe you don’t live in a quiet place. But I hope you can find a peaceful place today where you can talk to God.